This work was recently on show at The AVA for a critics choice show. It was selected by Tim Leibbrandt who had the following to say about it:

Chad Rossouw’s 2:14AM (2013) is a memorial plaque commemorating 2:14am UTC-4 29 August 1997 CE. Known as “Judgement Day”, this was the exact time and date in which SkyNet (an artificial intelligence developed by the United States military to run its global digital defense networks) became self-aware and attempted to exterminate humanity by instigating a nuclear apocalypse. “Exact” may be too strong a word perhaps, as the date of Judgement Day has shifted at least five times as a result of time travel interference (it should last have occurred on 21 April 2011 and is presumably pending). Nonetheless, it does mark the original date that humanity was reduced to scattered clusters of survivors battling SkyNet-controlled robot armies in a post-apocalyptic dystopia and that bears commemoration at the very least.

Viewed as an interrogation of memorialisation, revision of history, relativity, hubris and historical authenticity the work is deceptively complex. Viewed in almost any other way, it is an unashamedly dorky tribute to James Cameron’s Terminator II (1991), a science fiction classic about time-travelling killer robots disguised as Austrian bodybuilders. As a card-carrying nerdlinger myself, I like it for the latter.

-Tim Leibbrandt

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