With the European Mars Express taking incredible photographs of Mars, there’s been many conspiracy theories developed which claim there is life on Mars (it’s not that new, Life on Mars conspiracies have been going forever, since somebody saw that face in the rocks. But it has picked up in pace). Compression artifacts, such as geometric shapes and fuzzy smudging are claimed to be evidence of farms and construction in the former, and tampering to deliberately obscure by scientists in the latter.

There is this academic idea that digital compression hides the “truth” of an image. Essentially, information is removed when an image (or whatever) is compressed. I really like these people that then find new meanings and truths in these omissions. I find it a potent metaphor for the way people process information in general. I also like the way the logic in their arguments is idiosyncratic and subjective, showing maybe that with another step removed, scientific logic is all that universal (see this article on the limits of Scientific logic).

See Mars Anomaly Research for some pretty intense stuff.

I found this YouTube video which illustrates the point, and then compressed it.

You can find the original video here.

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