Swartklip 12

Swartklip 12, 2009








A Translation of the text reads as follows:

Dear General Malan,
As per our recent conversation on this matter, you are hereby authorised to proceed with all due speed and caution upon your undertaking. The operation in its entirety will henceforth be known by the code name Operation Fox.

All material pertaining to the unidentified object’s crash site and any military applications of technology gained from this research are now classified Top Secret. It may be deemed appropriate to back track to cover up any previous exposure by non-authorised personnel. In this matter you are authorised to use your discretion. Ultimate responsibility for the secrecy and thereby success of this operation lies solely with you.

All material will only be visible by the office of the President and a select committee as we discussed, which will hereafter be known as Swartklip Twaalf.

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