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The Passing of Jonathan Hamilton

January 21, 2010

Jonathan Hamilton committed suicide on August 12 2008, by ingesting yew berries from a nearby graveyard. His father Mr Reckless, who he was living with at the time described Jonathan Hamilton thus: “He was a ball of fire, full of ideas and energy, but was going through horrific turmoil inside. His death is in keeping […]

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Scrape away, boys, scrape away.

August 25, 2009

I recently read Moby Dick, because I wanted to immerse myself in Captain Ahab, the monomaniacal sailor, who when you look the one way is a tough peasanty sailor and the other way is a tragic hero of Hamlet proportions. And it is true, it is all in the book: the obsession which becomes a […]

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The Other Side

June 15, 2009

After the bridge at Xangongo collapsed, no one from the 1-Recces saw “die Mot” again. The exact occasion of the first sighting is uncertain. Three months earlier Sergeant Marais was overheard telling Sergeant Du Toit that he had seen glowing red eyes in the undergrowth before his Puma lifted off the ground. It was on […]

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The Dark Side

May 29, 2009

When I watched the second Star Wars Trilogy (Episode I-III), it really struck home that Star Wars was the tale of Darth Vader and never the story of Luke. Luke is just a supporting role to add tragedy to the life of Vader. I’d be the first to admit that Star Wars is a terribly […]

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The Battle of Los Angeles

April 21, 2009

Early in the morning of February 25th 1942, a strange object drifted over Los Angeles. Two days before, a Japanese submarine had surfaced near Santa Barbara and had fired onto an oil production facility, causing very little damage, but being the first shelling on mainland USA in World War 2 it caused widespread panic along […]

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